Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

“Risk  - let’s get this straight up front – is good. The point of risk management isn’t to eliminate it; that would eliminate reward.  The point is to manage it – that is, to choose where to place bets, and where to avoid betting altogether.” – Thomas Stewart, Fortune

Enterprise Risk Management Approach

Risk management in many companies tends to be in departmental silos and is often treated as purely an insurance function.  Peak 360 had adopted an Enterprise Risk Management model which involves the management of risks in an integrated and coordinated fashion across the entire organization thus creating a risk aware culture as illustrated in the following table:


Old Insurance Paradigm New Enterprise Risk Management Paradigm - The 360º View
Fragmented – usually one department "inherits" the
insurance handling function with little or no interface with other departments
Integrated – risk management coordinated with senior level oversight; everyone in organization views risk management as part of their job.
Ad hoc – a staff member in the finace and/or hunan resources negotiates the insurance program once a year or when issues arise. Continuous and constant - risk management process is ongoing and adapts to the changing corporate environment.
Narrowly focused – view risk management from context of insurance.
Broadly focused – all business risks and opportunities evaluated across the extended enterprise, not just the company itself.


The goal of an Enterprise Risk Management Approach is to create, protect and enhance shareholder value by managing the uncertainties that could either negatively or positively influence achievement of your organization's objectives. Peak 360 gives you the tools, techniques and insurance products to reach this goal. Peak 360 helps our clients by implementing a structured, disciplined and integrated approach that aligns strategy, processes, people, technology, and knowledge with the purpose of evaluating and managing the uncertainties your enterprise faces as it creates value and gains competitive advantage.


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