Outsourced Risk Management Model

Most companies do not have the luxury of having a dedicated risk manager and risk management department.  Commonly the risk management and insurance duties are part of one your employee’s job description, leaving very little time and energy for an effective effort.  Building a risk management department from the ground-up is not feasible option.  If anything, employers are heading in the other direction by reducing or maintaining headcount levels while adding additional job duties to existing staff. 

Peak 360 has created an Outsourced RM Model to allow our clients to focus on their core competencies while partnering with us on your risk management efforts.  We assist our clients by providing staff augmentation (part-time, full-time) and project-based risk management consulting services.  The direct benefits are:

  • Leveraging the expertise of an outside partner who specializes in risk management.
  • Scale your needs for risk management on a proactive, as-needed basis.
  • Enabling staff to focus their time and energy on the company and their individual core competencies.
  • Potential cost savings resulting in a greater return-on-investment.


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