Our Philosophy and Purpose

 Philosophy:  “The greatest risk is not taking one.”

The challenge for companies in today’s environment is to be able to identify and have awareness around the multitude of risks it faces, make conscious, eyes-wide-open choices, and have a comfort-level with the process. 

Our name reflects our belief and attitude towards the subtle balance between risk and reward.  It is embodied in the law of the climb.  The greatest clarity and view of the landscape is seen from the summit.  A sound risk management program, like the climb, involves a sequential, one-step in front of the other process that takes time, energy and commitment.  Risk is the ground, fertile or not, by which reward can happen.  Risk is an interesting thing - it is constantly changing, stems from internal and external sources and is different for every single company regardless of what the company does. 

Peak 360’s approach identifies and measures over 100 different risk and competitive advantage components across 12 major categories.  This comprehensive approach will enable your company to: 

  • Thoroughly understand and drill-down on the areas of risk you face now and in the future with an eye on its relative impact and reward.
  • Explore a range of solutions to lower your total cost of risk.
  • Implement solutions that fit your current risk profile and align with your attitudes towards assumption and transfer of risk.
  • Capitalize on an “outsourced risk management team” helping to create a positive risk-awareness culture at your company.
  • Have better information about your company’s risks creating leverage and a better story with insurance underwriters.
  • Maximize your expenditure on insurance and employee benefits programs

Our Purpose:  To help our clients, employees, partners and our company reach peak performance by effectively and efficiently managing constant and continually changing risks.  


“When you really have a good understanding of risk, it opens up a whole new field of opportunity for the organization”

– Wal-Mart’s Craig Faris from a recent Risk Management Magazine (rmmag.com) article





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